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N a m e                     : PRATIWI PUJILESTARI SUDARMONO
Address                     : Department of Microbiology
                                 Jln. Pegangsaan Timur 16
                                 Jakarta 10320 - Indonesia
Phone                       : 62-21-3100828, 3100806,322850
Fax                          : 62-21-3100810
E-mail                       :,
Place and Date of Birth : Bandung, Indonesia, 31st July 1952


  1. MD., University of Indonesia, 1977
  2. Specialist/Brevet in Microbiology, Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia, 1980
  3. PhD. in Molecular Microbiology, Osaka University, Japan 1984
  4. Specialist/Brevet in Clinical Microbiology 1987
  5. Clinical Microbiologist, University of Indonesia 1992
  6. Certificate Training Course on Hazard Assessment and Risk Management of Genetically Modified Organism, Bangkok, Thailand 1997.
  7. Certificate Molecular Biology, Smith College, Massachussettes, 1999
Staff academic, Dept. of Microbiology, Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia 1977 - now
Head, Department of Microbiology, Medical Faculty, University of Indonesia
Jln. Pegangsaan Timur 16, Jakarta 10320, Indonesia
1994 - 2000
Research Coordinator, Dept of Microbiology 2000 – 2003
Director Research Development and Community Service University of Indonesia 2003 - 2005
Deputy Assistant Minister of State for Research and Technology, Jln. Veteran III, Jakarta, Indonesia 1987 - 1998
Member of The National Committee of Biotechnology Development, c/o. Office of Ministry of State for Research and Technology, Jln. Veteran III, Jakarta, Indonesia 1987 - 1998
Appointed as Indonesian astronaut for NASA - USA mission with shuttle space 1985 - 1995
Member, National Research Council 1999 - now
Consultant Post UNCED Planning and Capacity building Projects INS/92/007, UNDP and the State Ministry for Environment project for development strategy for sustainable development, Agenda 21 Indonesia 1996
Advisor staff to the Head, National Council of Defence and Security (Dewanhankamnas) 1995 - 1998
Board of Trustees, Foundation for Management Education and Development, (LPPM) Jakarta 1987 - now
Director Research Development and Community Service University of Indonesia 2003 - 2005

D. Membership in Professional Organization

Chairman, Indonesian Society for Microbiology 1997 - 2000
Vice Chairman, Indonesian Society for Clinical Microbiology 1997 - 2004
Secretary General, Indonesian Society for Clinical Microbiology 2000 - 2004
Chairman, Indonesian Medical Association 1993 - 1997
Chairman, Div. Of Med. Science, Indonesia Medical Association 1997 - 2001
Member, Asia Pacific Bioscientist Society 1997 - now
Member, American Society for Microbiology 1999 - now
Member, International Society for Infectious Diseases 1999 - now
Member, International Association of Bioethics 1996 - now


WHO research grant for enteric diseases research 1987 - 1988
Visiting scientist, Space Biology Lab, NASA - Houston, Texas, USA 1988 - 1990
Presidential Grant for Dengue Haemorrhagic Research 1990 - 1994
Competitive Research Grant, State Min. of Res & Tech, Rep. Of Indonesia 1995 - 1997
World Bank Grant for University Research Graduate Education for Micro-UI 1997 - 2000
Yakult Bioscience Foundation, Research Grant on Enteric Pathogen research 1994
Takeda Science Foundation 1983 - 1984
Visiting Research Scientist Walter Reed Army Institute for Research, Washington DC, USA 1985 - 1986
Fulbright Fellowship New Century Scholars Program 2001 - 2002


  1. 1st Prize Winner, Best Researcher, University Indonesia, 1987
  2. 2nd Winner, Best Researcher, Fac. of Medicine, Univ. Indonesia, 1987
  3. 1st Prize Winners, Best Researcher, Fac. of Medicine, Univ. of Indonesia 1997
  4. Bintang Jasa Pratama, Rep of Indonesia, 1995
  1. Journal of Annalies Bogorienses, ISSN 0517 - 8452
  2. Journal of Indonesia Microbiology ISBN
  3. Journal of Indonesian Clinical Microbiology ISSN 0215-1995
  4. Majalah Kedokteran Indonesia, ISBN ISSN 0377-1121

a. Doctoral Thesis
  • P. Sudarmono. Isolation of the ST Ent plasmid specific bacteriophage M124. PhD. Thesis, Osaka University, Japan.

b. Riset for Fulbright Fellowship New Century Scholars:
  • P. Sudarmono. “The Integration of women role in maternal and neonatal helath using information technology as     communication tool to schieve social change: study in Timor island” John Hpkins University Center for Communication Program Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA.
c. Publications in Scientific Magazine
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d. Communications to Learned Societies

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